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Underlay Sales

In order to make your fitters life easier, our Transfloor vehicles carry a range of underlay.  This can be ordered from our office either by phone on 01254 54115 or by clicking the link below and delivered with your carpet, or, subject to availability, can be purchased directly from the driver.

ECOstep is a new combination underlay offering the comfort and durability of crumb rubber, which also helps to even out any slight imperfections in the subfloor, with the excellent natural bedding in properties of a traditional felt. The result is a luxurious cushioned feel underfoot combined with support and maximum protection against premature carpet wear. ECOstep is manufactured from 100% recycled materials; the base is made from recycled car tyres with the surface being made from recycled wool, jute and other synthetic fibres.

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STIKfit is a commercial crumb rubber underlay for heavy contract installations. Manufactured using a high content of recycled vehicle tyres bound in a unique latex formulation STIKfit delivers exceptional resilience and durability. STIKfit has a unique top layer which has been designed by installers, giving them a better surface to cut and apply adhesive to, without snagging or fraying, thereby reducing installation times and improving the quality of the finish.

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